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The word Cursillo is short for Cursillos de Cristiandad, literally a short course of Christianity. The Cursillo movement began in the laity after World War II in Franco’s Spain; it came to the United States and was translated into English.

We are a group of Episcopalians eager to develop lay leadership across our diocese. Cursillo is one method for training, supporting and ongoing development of Christian leadership. The Cursillo method contains two main components, a 3-day weekend filled with 15 talks, group discussions, worship and fun… and the 4th-day that represents how we live out the Christian life in support of one another.

There are a lot of Spanish terms like Ultreya and DeColores that you will see throughout these pages; for more info on what these terms mean and about Cursillo and its history, go to What is Cursillo?

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Cursillo #141 We Are One in the Spirit

Aloha and Greetings! My name is John Goodhue, and it is my Honor and Joy to be called as Rector ...
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Secretariat Positions Open – Is It Your Time?

The following positions are open for Secretariat 1 - Secretary position 2 – Storage Coordinator is responsible for the inventory ...
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