Arranging to Attend Cursillo

Individuals who would like to attend Cursillo must be sponsored by a member of their parish who has already been to Cursillo, and the application must be endorsed by their priest (or other clergy at the church who has attended Cursillo). If you are interested in attending Cursillo, you should speak first with your priest, who can help you decide if this would be a good experience for you. He can also help you find a sponsor.

Once you have decided that you wish to attend:

  1. your sponsor or clergy will provide you with an application form
  2. you should complete the form and return it to your sponsor
  3. your sponsor will complete the sponsor form and turn it over to the clergy
  4. the clergy will fill out the clergy endorsement form and send the entire set of applications to the Pre-Cursillo Chairman

Under no circumstances will applications be accepted without the accompanying sponsor and priest endorsement forms. We want you to be fully informed as to the purpose of Cursillo and what you can expect at a Cursillo weekend. The sponsor and clergy signatures on the forms are our assurance that you have had an opportunity to discuss these things with your sponsor and clergy and would like to attend.

Download Applications Below

Pilgrim Application

Spanish Pilgrim Application