Palanca is intercessory prayer, sacrifice, or works of mercy. Palanca is basically the prayers and sacrifices we make for someone or something. Prayer and self-denial are palanca. The word “palanca” is Spanish for a lever or crowbar. In the sense in which it is used in Cursillo, it means Eucharist, Rosaries, fasting, prayers, and personal sacrifices which are offered on behalf of the Cursillistas or Pilgrims.

Personal Palanca Letters

The single most important thing anyone can do is PRAY! The Holy Spirit changes hearts and your prayers invoke the Holy Spirit to act! There is a list of Pilgrims and Team in the DeColores Newsletter, as well as on the web site. Please use the list to pray for the Team and Pilgrims by name.Please write personal palanca to the Pilgrims and to the Team.

  • A short, hand-written note means so much more than the most clever computer letter. God touches the Pilgrims’ hearts with your messages of love. Please make sure your notes are no larger than 5″ by 7″. After you write your notes, please alphabetize them (separating out the Pilgrim and Team Palanca), so as to make the sorting easier. Reminder: No gifts (books, mugs, Bibles, T-shirts, or things of that nature.) If you wish to give your Pilgrim a gift, save it until you greet them after the Weekend.

Parish Posters

Please make your Parish poster on white freezer paper (not poster board) and decorate it with your creative design, leaving lots of space for all the Cursillistas in your parish to sign. You may mail it to Bette (allowing a week for it to get there), or you may deliver it to the “Fr. P” box at DaySpring when you bring your Pilgrim to the Weekend.

Green Palanca

There is always a need for Green Palanca to support the Weekend. A Weekend costs around $12,000. While Team and Pilgrim fees cover much of the cost, it is not enough. If you would like to make a donation, please make your check payable to “Cursillo of Southwest Florida” and write “Green Palanca and enter the weekend # you are supporting, in the memo blank on the check.

Send it to:
Gussie Haeffner Treasurer

4825 Waterbridge Down

Sarasota FL 34235

  • P – Privilege and power of Prayer, and for Personal service to the Cursillistas.
  • A – Anytime, anywhere, by anybody, to anyone, for anything, which expresses the when, where, who and why of Palanca.
  • L – “Lever” (Palanca) of our knees bent in prayer; for the love of God towards us, and for our love one to another; for the Light of Christ, and for His Light which we bring to the world; and for the letters of love which are evidence of Palanca to the Pilgrims.
  • A – Acts we do (anonymously, if possible) to affirm God’s love in our lives, ascribing all adoration and praise to God our Father, rather than pointing to ourselves.
  • N – Nourishment – providing for the Pilgrim’s physical needs with food, snacks, and refreshments.
  • C – Core of Palanca – the caring community with Christ at the center.
  • A – Abundance of God’s gifts to us, and for our need to accept his love.