The Secretariat

The Cursillo Secretariat is the group of leaders – clergy and lay people – who orient, animate, and serve the Cursillo Movement. Leaders are presented by the council and appointed by the bishop,  The Secretariat:

  • Studies environments to be Christianized
  • Focuses the efforts of Cursillo leaders to bring Christ into those environments
  • Raises up leaders for the three-day weekends.
  • Promotes unity, love, and trust among cursillistas
  • Promotes and models a vital expression of the Cursillo method – especially Group reunions.
  • Seeks, through prayer and study, the guidance and blessing of the Holy Spirit for the Movement as a whole.

The Secretariat also maintains ties with the National Episcopal Cursillo. It is responsible for announcing scheduled Weekends to the wider Cursillo Community and inviting them to offer prayer (palanca) for the Weekend.

Members of the Secretariat should be:

  • in a weekly Group Reunion
  • active in the Fourth Day
  • active in their parish church
  • active in the diocese as a whole

The membership of the Secretariat should be rotated to guard against the development of a “Cursillo Career” mentality and to train new leaders.

Secretariat Application

The Right Reverend
Douglas Frederick  Scharf
Sixth Bishop – Diocese of Southwest Florida

Reverend Bryan O’Carroll
Co-Spiritual Director

Reverend Marella Drawdy
Co-Spiritual Director
239-262-6581 ext. 214

Candy Newman
Lay Director
Term Expires 2024

Jo Simpson

Gussie Haeffner

Sharon Stoll
Newsletter Director

Ron Joy
Registrar Laison
Term Expires 2026

Jan DiUlio
Altar Guild
Term Expires 2026

Sally Allen
4th Day
Term Expires 2024

Fr. Mario Castro
Hispanic Chair
Term Expires 2023

Mary Anders


Sherre Henley
Worship & Songbooks


Gussie Haeffner

Chandra Williams
Palanca Coordinator

Cell: 941-812-1026, Home 813-654-6208

Russell Tuff
Communications Chair