Donate to Cursillo

Donations to the Diocese of SW Florida Cursillo are always welcome.  Many of you no longer write out checks, so you can use your bank’s bill pay system to send a donation to us.  Your bank will then write and send a check from your account.  The information your bank needs is:

Payable to Cursillo SW Florida

The donations you make to Cursillo in the form of a check or bill pay check are tax deductible under religious contribution, as we are a church related non-profit organization.

Cursillo Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund for Cursillo of Southwest Florida falls within the Diocesan Endowment Management Program.

  • Purpose: to enable our community to fulfill the mission of the Cursillo movement in our generation and generations to come.
  • Investments: the fund is invested according to the Investment Policy Statement under the direction of an Endowment Fund Board.
  • Distributions: distributions are subject to the Spending Rule as determined annually by the Endowment Fund Board, and no distributions can be made from the principal.
  • Taxes: all contributions are tax deductible.

How can you support the Endowment Fund?

  • Make direct cash gifts by check to Cursillo of SWFL. Be sure to write “Endowment Fund” in the memo line. A donation as a birthday or anniversary contribution is a wonderful way to celebrate friends and family. (WHERE TO SEND?)
  • Bequests, the most common type of planned gift may be made by including the Cursillo Endowment Fund in your will, by designating a specific dollar amount, or designating a specific percentage of your estate to designating specific assets.

As a lay ministry we fully rely on spiritual direction from our diocesan priests and deacons, familiar with our rule of life. Are you looking to enhance your walk with Jesus? Are you feeling a call to serve but not sure of the next step?

We are all about living a Christ-centered life and would like to help you on your journey.