Cursillo #149

Come to the Table

Rectora Susan O’Carroll

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Cursillo #148

Faith like a mustard seed

Rectora Yamilet Roman

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Cursillo #147

Walk on Water

Rector Mason Ayres

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Cursillo #146

As The Dear

Rectora Diane Overton

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Cursillo #144

Freely You Have Received

Rector Marta Malloy

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Cursillo # 143

Bless the Lord Oh My Soul

Rector Barb Kunath

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Cursillo #142

For the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many

Rector Cynthia Lamont-Wint

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Cursillo #141

Let All the World Rejoice

Rector Ray Stoll

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Cursillo #140

Holy is the Lord Almighty

Rector Nancy Kinney

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Cursillo # 139

Todo lo que pidais en oracion lo recibiras Mat 21:22

Rector Edwin Mata

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Cursillo #138

Extravagant Love

Rector Candy Newman

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Cursillo #137


Rector Jack Overton

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Cursillo # 136 

Follow Me/Siganme

Rector Mickey Vallejo

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Cursillo #135

Be Still and Know that I am God

Rector Sharon Stoll

Cursillo # 134

Walk in the Light

Rector Dorothy Lowrie

Cursillo #133

Power and Strength from the Spirit of God

Rector Marta Jimenez

Cursillo #132

Glory to the Risen Lord

Rector Ivy Sommerbell

Cursillo #131

To Love and To Serve

Rector Pat Magnant

Cursillo #130

El Senor Me Hablo Y Me Dijo

Rector Elber Alvis

Cursillo #129

In Christ All Things Are Made New

Rector Ray Stoll

Cursillo #128

Jesus Is Our King

Rector Jan Diulio

Cursillo #127

Recibe El Poder Del Espiritus Santo

Rector Pete Soto

Cursillo #126

In Christ All Things Are Made New

Rector Eileen Prins

Cursillo #125

Serve the Lord with Gladness

Rector Ellen Seto

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Cursillo #124

Shine With The Light of the Lord

Rector Lois-Lynne Bellemare

Cursillo #123

Lost No More

Rector Cathy Latimer

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Cursillo #122

Holy, Holy, Holy

Rector Ros Hall

Cursillo #121

Open the Eyes of My Heart

Rector Kari Hennigan

Cursillo #120

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

Rector Anna Haeffner

Cursillo #119

Abba Father

Rector Charlie Kunath

Cursillo #118

My Soul Thirsts for the Lord

Rector Betty Armon

Cursillo #117

The Light of Christ

Rector Butch Patteson

Cursillo #116

My Redeemer Lives

Rector Bob Haeffner

Cursillo #115

Abba Father

Rector Judy Marx

Cursillo #114

Let All the World Rejoice

Rector Jody Tiffany

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Cursillo #113

I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light

Rector Maisie Reddy

Cursillo #112

You Are My All in All

Rector Marsha Savage

Cursillo #111

They Will Know We Are Christians

Rector John Shelton

Cursillo #110

Lift High the Cross

Rector Gussie Haeffner

Cursillo #109

One Bread, One Body, One Lord of All

Rector Barbara Gingrich

Cursillo #108

Open the Eyes of My Heart

Rector Dudley Savage

Cursillo #107

Shout to the Lord

Rector Ann Shelton

Cursillo #106

Come to the Water

Rector Ann Bobby Thompson

Cursillo #105

Jesus Emmanuel – God is With Us

Rector Scott Gardner

Cursillo #104

Seek Ye First

Rector Donna Hoffman

Cursillo #103

Amazing Grace

Rector Bill Schaibly

Cursillo #102

By Name I Have Called You

Rector Margie Jefferson