DeColores Cursillo Community – From #140 Rectora Nancy Kinney

DeColores Cursillo Community!!

As Deacon Bob Kinney said, using very technical clerical terminology, “Wow”!!!

Cursillo 140 was to me the epitome of a Spirit-filled weekend. It rocked and, of course, our amazing musicians were responsible!!

The Serenade and Clausura were so well attended and the Pilgrims couldn’t have been happier and truly blown away by all the love and support of the community. I was also blown away and humbled from all the support this past year from the team and entire community.

Everyone worked together beautifully and selflessly in a true Christian spirit. I pray you will keep the Pilgrims in your prayers until they attend the Fourth Day; Day of Deeper Understanding on Saturday, Nov. 17th at the Church of the Nativity in Sarasota.

Please encourage the sponsors at your church to attend with their Pilgrims. The weekend is not truly over until after the Fourth Day.

My thoughts and prayers will continue for Cursillo 141, John Goodhue, the team and Pilgrims that will be attending.

God is alive and well and Cursillo weekends are one of the avenues He uses to build up the leaders to spread His kingdom!!

God bless, Nancy Kinney
Rectora Cursillo 140

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