Update Cursillo #143 – Barb Kunath

Oh the lazy, crazy days of summer! What better time to start thinking AND PRAYING for Cursillo #143 being held on October 24-27!

If you would like to serve on the Team, please fill out and send in your application; all will be prayed over and the Lord will put together an awesome Team to serve the participants.

The theme for the weekend is “Bless the Lord Oh My Soul” and the song is “10,000 Reasons Bless the Lord”.

A very sweet sister in Christ made the banner based on a picture I had found. If you’ve ever stood near the ocean and marveled at God’s creation, then you know that feeling of pure joy. And I feel the banner evokes that emotion; it makes me want to raise my arms to praise and bless the Lord and give Him thanks.

As you know, prayer is the most important part of any Cursillo weekend. Our Servant Leader, Janet Spooner, will soon be asking you to sign up to pray during the weekend. And our Set-Up Leader, Chandra Williams, will be looking for sweets and beverages. Be on the look out for their announcements in the near future.

Barb Kunath #143 Rectora

I’m looking forward to all the phases of this journey and I thank you for coming along with me!