Bishop Dabney Smith Receives Retirement Gift from the Cursillo Community

On behalf of the Cursillo Community the Secretariat Commissioned a painting for Bishop Smith upon his retirement.
Below is a picture of the painting and a copy of his letter to the community.
Dorothy Lowrie
Lay Director

Letter of Appreciation from Bishop Dabney T. Smith

My dear friends in the Cursillo Community of the Diocese of Southwest Florida,

I write to express both my affection for you, and my gratitude to you, for your loving gift of artwork to me upon my retirement from the diocese. The piece of art, beautifully and lovingly crafted by Jan Spangler is a unique expression of our souls ascending desire for Heaven. In the midst of the faithful seems to be a priest, or maybe a bishop, praying for their ascending journeys. The artwork captures, I think, Cursillo’s constantly focused work of assisting individual Christians in their allegiance to Christ in this life and the life to come. Thank you Jan; and thank you Cursillista’s.

I greatly support what Dorothy Lowrie wrote on the Cursillo webpage. “We are all about living a Christ-centered life and would like to help you on your journey.” That journey continues for the spiritually mature Christian’s and the Babe-chicks. I know as the recently retired bishop how much positive influence Cursillo has had on so many of our congregations and the diocese. I pray that this influence steadily continues. I thank all of you.

God bless each of you and all of you. De Colores!

The Rt. Rev. Dabney T. Smith
The Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida (Resigned)