Cursillo #150 Postponed

Candy Newman

Dear Beloved Members of our Cherished Cursillo Community,

With a heart weighed down by the responsibility we hold for this beloved ministry, I must share with you some difficult news. It is with a sense of regret that we find it necessary to postpone the upcoming June Cursillo weekend. This decision comes as a result of our careful consideration and the acknowledgment of the challenges we currently face.

Regrettably, the number of Pilgrims willing and able to participate in the June weekend falls short of what is needed to ensure a meaningful and enriching experience for all involved. The Secretariat, in their wisdom and commitment to the essence of Cursillo, has deliberated extensively on this matter. We recognize that the timing of this weekend, coming so soon after Cursillo #149 held in January, may have contributed to this shortfall. As stewards of this sacred ministry, it is our duty to ensure that each Cursillo experience is imbued with the depth, breadth, and spirit it deserves.

In light of this decision, the Secretariat will convene in May to explore and discuss the frequency and scheduling of future weekends. Our aim is to discern, in prayerful contemplation, the most optimal approach that aligns with God’s will for this ministry. We fervently believe that these Pilgrims are entrusted to us by the Divine, and that His timing is always perfect, even when it leads us down unexpected paths.

In these moments of reflection and discernment, we humbly ask for your continued prayers and unwavering support. Your steadfast faith and dedication are the cornerstone of our community, and together, we will navigate through this period of transition with grace and resilience.

With deepest gratitude for your understanding and solidarity,

In His Love,
Candy Newman
Lay Director
Cursillo Episcopal Diocese of SWFL

Message From #150 Rector Annie Hunter

Annie Hunter


It’s hard to believe that we are less than 2 months from Cursillo weekend #150 and we still need our greater community support to make this momentous occasion happen.

We’ve made some headway in filling our Team, but we still need more help in completing God’s needs for his weekend. Currently our Team roster is at 25, but we are still short by eleven.

It would be wonderful if we could see so many of you who have recently attended a Cursillo weekend as a Pilgrim! It is such a joy to watch God’s work in his Pilgrim’s from a different perspective.  If you need assistance with a Team application, please visit see the Team Applications Here and the Pilgrim Application Here, Or ask a member of your Cursillo community at church for assistance or you can speak with your sponsor.

At the moment, we are waiting for more Pilgrim applications. Without these, we will not be able to have Cursillo #150. Please speak with any potential candidates who have expressed an interest in attending a Cursillo weekend even if this is in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free contact me


Annie Hunter

Rector Cursillo #150

1811 Ft. Duquesna Drive

Sun City Center, FL 33573