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From Anna Ashworth, Secretariat Communications Chair

In case you haven’t noticed, our website got a make-over in 2017.  Russell Tuff, our Webmaster, used his skills to make some modifications to the website to make it more user friendly.

At a glance, here are some of the changes that have been made:

  •           It is mobile phone friendly.
  •           With one click, the site translates from English into Spanish or Creole.
  •           The site is easy to navigate.
  •           The latest news from Constant Contact and the newsletter are archived by month.

Here is a more in-depth look:

Once you access, you arrive at the “Home” page.  In the upper right-hand corner, you will see the following tabs:  Home, What is Cursillo, Applications, Events, and News/Blog.  The following is a description of what you will find on each page.

Home Page

Underneath some pictures, on the left side of the page, there is a brief introduction to Cursillo.  Following that article is information about pilgrim applications along with a link to the pilgrim application.  The latest news articles are found next.

On the right side of the page (underneath the pictures), there is the option of changing the language to Spanish or Haitian Creole.  There is also a place to add your email address to the list to receive the quarterly newsletter (if you are not already receiving it).  Underneath the newsletter request, there are links to recent Cursillo news posts and also archived articles to read.  These articles are listed below the newsletter request.

 What is Cursillo?

When your cursor hovers over the “What is Cursillo?” tab, the following selections will appear:

What is Cursillo?



Opportunities to serve


Frequently asked questions about Cursillo



Here is what you find when you click on the selections:

What is Cursillo? – a greater explanation of what Cursillo is, what happens after the weekend, what is expected of participants, and who can attend a weekend.

Secretariat – a list of the Secretariat members, their positions, and their contact information is provided here.

Parish Reps – The Episcopal churches in SW Florida are separated into deaneries, and the Cursillo Parish Reps for each church are listed along with their contact information.  Occasionally, there will be a church without a current Parish Rep, so this page is helpful if you want to find another Cursillo community at a near-by church.

Opportunities to Serve – The Servant Community Leaders are listed here along with their contact information.  Also, there is a link to an application if you would like to serve on the Secretariat or as a Servant Leader.  At the bottom of this page, openings are listed along with guidelines for applying.

 Music – this page invites musicians to join the Cursillo musicians in playing at Ultreyas, weekends, and other Cursillo events.  Contact information is provided for those interested in joining the musicians.  There is also information about the songbooks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cursillo – Answers to frequently asked questions

Palanca – explanation of different kinds of Palanca, why it is needed, and where to send monetary contributions

Donations -more specific information for monetary donations


Under the “Applications” tab, you will find the following selections:


Pilgrim Application

Team Application

Sponsoring a candidate

Paying for the weekend

Applications – this page explains the process of applying for a weekend and the need for a sponsor.  A link to the pilgrim application is provided.

Pilgrim Application – links to both the English and Spanish Pilgrim Applications are provided here.

Team Application – information about the next weekend is available here along with the team application that is specific to that weekend.  Because the address of where to send the team application will vary with each weekend, the address of the lay rector is provided here as well.

Sponsoring a Candidate – this page gives information about how to sponsor a pilgrim, and there is a checklist provided for the sponsor to fulfill

Paying for the Weekend – specific instructions are given for pilgrims and team members about paying for the weekend and where to send the payment.


The “Events” tab will take you to the page with upcoming events listed according to month, with the event that will be happening the soonest at the top of the page.  Scroll down the page to find events that are scheduled into the future.  You can also search for past and future events at the top (left) of the page under the word “Archives” by either putting in the name of the event or by looking at the calendar and choosing the month.


The “News/Blog” tab takes you to a page that has information about the upcoming weekend, requests for the upcoming weekend, the latest news from the Secretariat or newsletter, and pictures from Ultreyas.

Have pictures you would like to see on the website?  Have Ultreyas you would like announced?  Email Anna Ashworth @


Why Cursillo?

One of the things I’ve done that has had the most impact on me is to attend Cursillo as well as serve on team.

I so wanted to go and needed to learn more. I knew at the time Cursillo was about growing in your spiritual faith at your own pace and even learning more about yourself and sharing with others. I have received so much more than I could have imagined, let alone describe to anyone.

The Cursillo community is amazing. At times, we can be difficult with each other, but we talk it out, remember why we are there, and the most important thing is that we all share our faith and love of each other. It has made me so much stronger to recognize what I had in my faith that I now share with family and friends.

My family has enjoyed listening to me discuss Cursillo, which opens the door to many conversations that brings us closer together as a family, especially during the difficult times each of us may be going through.

When that feeling of nervousness comes up and unsureness of life; I remember my own weekend; to what I now share and guide in the community with others and even at work, that God is with me. I then relax and move forward.

I thought I had a bucket list before, you should see it now, you get one chance to live and you never will know the answer unless you try.

Many Blessings,
Kristina Hodge
4th Day Chair

From the Chair of the Hispanic Cursillo, Mickey Vallejo

Wow! The year is almost gone and so has another Hispanic Cursillo weekend. Cursillo #136 (4th in Spanish) was a huge success. The superb team God called to serve did their job with fervor, commitment, humility and faith. The pilgrims were overjoyed and they got it. It showed!

At the serenade, there was a storm, power loss, but what was not lost was the surprising looks on the pilgrims’ faces nor the joy and singing of the members of the Cursillo community. The pilgrims knew that in spite of the evil one trying to ruin it, the Holy Spirit didn’t allow it.
Cursillo #139 (5th in Spanish) is soon approaching (May 17-20, 2018). Edwin Mata is the Rector. Excitement is already building for the team and pilgrims!

De la Cátedra del Cursillo Hispano

¡Wow! El año casi se ha ido y también lo ha hecho otro fin de semana de Cursillo hispano. El Cursillo # 136 (4to en español) fue un gran éxito. El excelente equipo al que Dios llamó a servir hizo su trabajo con fervor, compromiso, humildad y fe. Los peregrinos se llenaron de alegría y lo entendieron. ¡Asi lo Mostraron!
En la serenata, hubo una tormenta, pérdida de luz, pero lo que no se perdió fueron las miradas sorprendentes en los rostros de los peregrinos ni la alegría y el canto de los miembros de la comunidad de cursillos. Los peregrinos sabían que a pesar de que el malvado intentaba arruinarlo, el Espíritu Santo no lo permitió
El Cursillo # 139 (5to en español) pronto se aproxima (del 17 al 20 de mayo de 2018). Edwin Mata es el Rector. ¡La emoción ya está creciendo para el equipo y los peregrinos!



My name is Chandra Williams, and I am the Lay Director for this year.

I made my Cursillo in June 2010, #119 Abba Father. I was in the St. Peter’s family. By the end of the weekend I knew these were my people and this was my ministry.

I worship at St. Mary Magdalene. Cursillo is an effective ministry for deepening faith and growing church leaders.

The Secretariat is dedicated to keeping this a strong and relevant ministry. Feel free to contact me for any reason related to Cursillo, my ears and heart stay open.

My email is

For His sake,
Chandra Williams
Lay Director

From the Registrar:

Hurry !  Beat the Christmas rush ! 

We are receiving applications for  weekend #138, February 22 – 25, 2018. 

Please go on line and print the current forms as there are outdated versions floating around with incorrect contact information.

Click here for Pilgrim application forms: 

Mary Anders, Registrar

1575 Simmons Drive, Clearwater, FL 33756

Cell phone 727-430-2467


 Click here for Team application forms: 

 If you feel called to serve on this weekend, send your application to:



2511 50TH Street Court East

Palmetto, Florida 34221

Candy can be reached at:


From the Rectora CURSILLO #138

Candy Newman

February 22 – 25, 2018

De Colores! My name is Candy Newman and I am honored to be serving as the next Rectora of Cursillo #138 in February 2018. I was called to the position last December. This past year has been humbling, discerning and spiritually fulfilling. I am feeling the presence of the Lord in amazing ways as I seek His guidance. Although it is overwhelming at times, I am always excited to see what Jesus will do next. I feel your prayers and thank God for all of you. Please continue to pray as I discern team positions and who God is calling to do the Rollos.

As we approach the weekend, the needs are many. The most important need we have is prayer. We can never have too much. When we humbly quiet ourselves and bring or prayers and petitions before our God, he answers them with protection, provision, and His glorious presence. Please consider signing up for the prayer vigil and pray now for the team and Pilgrims God is revealing.

We still need team members, especially men. Prayerfully consider serving. Offering your time and treasure to serve is a rewarding experience. We tend to think of it as giving back what we have received. But inevitably we ourselves continue to grow and are blessed beyond our expectations.

I also ask that you prayerfully consider sponsoring a Pilgrim. Remember, make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Christ. Ask the Lord about the person you are considering and allow Him to guide you and them. Cursillo is amazing when God’s timing prevails.

Palanca plays a big part in the weekend and we always need it. The hand written palanca is best and very meaningful if you are able. We also need green palanca, candy palanca, soda palanca, poster palanca, pillow palanca, and on and on and on…..

Please pray about serving or giving in one of the above areas to support Cursillo #138. I thank all of you in advance for your willingness.

Much Love and Blessings,

2511 50TH Street Court East
Palmetto, Florida 34221
Candy can be reached at:

Click Here To obtain Pilgrim application forms:

Click Here To obtain Team application forms


How time flies…..

It has been two months since we said farewell to our friends and teammates at the Clausura of Cursillo #137 but the fire of the Holy Spirit still burns brightly within me. When I drove away from our Cursillo weekend, I felt a warm glow and a feeling of love from many dear friends that were total strangers just 3 days before. I felt a tinge of sadness that it could be a long time before we would be able to get together again. But the lesson of Cursillo is that Cursillo is not just a weekend, it is a way of life.

We spent 3 Spirit-filled days together, full of surprises, full of love and for most, I am sure, a new or enhanced relationship with our Precious Lord and Savior who is always alive within us.

Remember our scripture 1 Corinthians 3:16: “Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and God’s Spirit dwells in you?” You are God’s Sanctuary. Listen to what Jesus is saying to you.

If you have not yet found a Cursillo group, then call your sponsor or someone near you and start one. Look at the Ultreyas scheduled in this notice and go to one. See who is there who is also looking for a group. If there is no Ultreya near you then it is your calling to start one in your parish and invite other nearby parishes to join you. Advent is the season of new beginnings.

Lives were touched on those precious three days at DaySpring. Now is the time to reach out again and re-kindle the love that we share.

You were chosen by Christ to be in His Company during His weekend. He called you because He wanted you and He loves you. He wants you to be Holy, so that you may help Him to bring about the sanctification of other souls. Don’t be apprehensive or hesitant. Jesus is your God. The Holy Spirit lives within you. Let the joy of this Yuletide season overflow with the love and unity of our fellow Cursillistas. Make it your priority to each out to someone from weekend #137 today just to say hello and that you remember them in your heart.
ULTREYA, Jack Overton,
Rector #137 & 3 Day Weekend Chair

A Time of Renewal

By Fr. Alex Andujar
Co-Spiritual Director

The season of Advent carries with it many themes. There is the joyful expectation in the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. There is also the watchful anticipation we are to keep as we wait for the return of Christ at the end of the age. This is of course all mixed into the celebration of Christmas as a holiday in our culture which brings with it the gathering of family and friends, the exchange of gifts, and hopefully a chill in the air. But we should also look at this time through the lens of Cursillo.

At its heart, Cursillo is about renewal. What is more renewing than the birth of a child? What can renew the world more than the birth of and eventual return of our savior?

We should never forget that Jesus Christ came to live among us so that our relationship with God might be reconciled and renewed. But Jesus Christ’s vision for renewal is not a simple refurbishment. It is not a new coat of paint. It is a complete overhaul. It is a complete change in who we are and how we see the world.

Our challenge this season is to receive the renewal that has been promised to us by God and then bring that renewal to our families, congregations, and into the world. It is then and only then that we can say with joy, “Merry Christmas!”.