Parish Representative Coordinator Report March 12, 2017

Parish Representative Coordinator Report

Cursillo Weekend #135 – As Of March 12, 2017

  1. A total of 24 parishes participated in Cursillo #135, Feb 2017, sending 27 Pilgrims and 45 Team members.
  2. Two parishes sent their first Pilgrims in over 13 years: St Peter’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg and Good Shepherd, Venice; each sent one Pilgrim.
  3. Across the Diocese of SW Florida, 31 parishes (or about 40% of the parishes in the diocese) have not sent a Pilgrim to a Cursillo Weekend within the past 10 or more years. These churches represent an estimated (based on 2015 parochial reports) Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) of 4440 people (or about 35% of the total 2015 ASA for the diocese) who have not received any of the potential benefits of having an active Cursillo Ministry.
  4. Of the 10 most active parish Cursillo Ministries spanning 2004-2013 (‘Legacy’ period), seven sent Pilgrims to Weekend #135. Of these, two parishes, St James House of Prayer, Tampa and St. Anne of Grace, Seminole, sent their first Pilgrims in over four years.
  5. The 13 most active parish Cursillo Ministries in the period spanning 2014-2017 (‘Current’ period) represent a combined 2015 ASA of 3165 parishioners and sent 6% of their combined congregations as Pilgrims over this time period. Six of these parishes sent over 10% of their individual ASA as Pilgrims between Feb 2014 and Feb 2017; four of these six sent 19% or more.
  6. During 2014-2017, 23 parishes sent at least 12 participants to Weekends as either Pilgrims or Team Members. Of these parishes, three sent many more Pilgrims than Team Members (ratios of 4:1 or higher); six parishes sent many more Team Members than Pilgrims (ratios of 4:1 or higher); with the remainder sending a more evenly divided mix of Team-to-Pilgrim ratios.

Rick Barfield

Parish Rep Coordinator


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