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Hello fellow Cursillitas! This year has been going well. We have completed 2 great weekends this year. Can you believe it – 5 Spanish weekends already! And #140 is coming up in October. It is exciting that the Diocese is celebrating a 50 year anniversary (I am so looking forward to seeing Bishop Curry).

We at the Secretariat have been reflecting over the past decades that Cursillo has been in this Diocese. We remain committed to the mission of making saints (people who know God and God’s love and grace) and apostles (saints who have a mission to share the same knowledge with others).

We understand our roots and traditions. We are also looking to the future and looking at ways we may have to adapt to stay relevant and viable. I love being part of this vibrant community and would love to seen it continue to expand.

My In-box is never full, I would love to hear from you –

Decolores, Chandra Williams

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