Why Cursillo?

One of the things I’ve done that has had the most impact on me is to attend Cursillo as well as serve on team.

I so wanted to go and needed to learn more. I knew at the time Cursillo was about growing in your spiritual faith at your own pace and even learning more about yourself and sharing with others. I have received so much more than I could have imagined, let alone describe to anyone.

The Cursillo community is amazing. At times, we can be difficult with each other, but we talk it out, remember why we are there, and the most important thing is that we all share our faith and love of each other. It has made me so much stronger to recognize what I had in my faith that I now share with family and friends.

My family has enjoyed listening to me discuss Cursillo, which opens the door to many conversations that brings us closer together as a family, especially during the difficult times each of us may be going through.

When that feeling of nervousness comes up and unsureness of life; I remember my own weekend; to what I now share and guide in the community with others and even at work, that God is with me. I then relax and move forward.

I thought I had a bucket list before, you should see it now, you get one chance to live and you never will know the answer unless you try.

Many Blessings,
Kristina Hodge
4th Day Chair

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