Cursillo #138 Fourth Day Gathering

Cursillo #138 will begin their 4th day on March 24th and what an exciting time for them as they go forward into their 4th day. This is the starting point to the rest of their lives through a Day of Deeper Understanding.

This day allows us to bond more with ourselves, others, and Christ as to keep alive the spirit and joy of our weekend. We grow and persevere through committed study, piety, and action that we shared over the three day weekend.

These three pieces will allow us to live a christian life and to find our place in the Church and in the world. Combined with Ultreyas and Group Reunions, which are the heart of Cursillo will bond those to hold each other accountable for their spiritual journey and a support system for life.

Spiritual Direction is another celebration of a Day of Deeper Understanding whether it be through a lay person or clergy to help deepen our union with Christ. This too will hold us accountable to carry out the practice of our Baptismal Covenant in the life of the Church.

Many Blessings,

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